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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Did Jesus Study Buddhism? (BBC) Did Jesus learn what he knew from India? Where was Jesus and what was he doing from ages 12-30?


  1. Which documentary is this video clip from?
    I am really interested in watching it.

    Thank You

  2. This is late, but its called "from buddah to jesus" I believe.

  3. There are some records in Tibetan language that Jesus Christ visited Northen area of India that is Kashmir. There is village named KHANAMARI where there is temple in the name of Lord Jesus. There is another book "The Unknown life of Jesus Christ" published in America, but this has been banned by Govt of USA hence the real truth has not come out as yet. But there is something to believe in. But it would really shocking who has faith in him. However, we cannot disagree with historical and geographical facts in today's scientific temperament. All the world religion believe in God, his miracles, heaven and hell etc. But nobody has seen or proved it. It is all imaginary thoughts of MIND.These are all blind faiths. Only Buddhism does not show any faith in such imaginary things emerged from somebody's mind. You have to test on your scientific temperament then believe or leave it, if one has no faith. Read the speeches of Greatest Scientist Einstein on Buddha and his preaching.He has said :
    Buddhism has the characteristics of what would be expected in a cosmic religion for the future: It transcends a personal God, avoids dogmas and theology; it covers both the natural and spritual; and it is based on a religious sense aspiring from the experience of all things, natural and spiritual, as a meaningful unity. -Albert Einstein

    1. If this is true, it could be because Saint Thomas was in India in 52AD. So he could have taught others who traveled and built churches and temples. This does not mean that Jesus himself ever entered India. His mission was to the children of God, the Jews not the Gentiles. Though there were Jews in India because it was part of the Roman Empire, Thomas went to preach to that part of the civilized world.

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  5. Learn more about Prophet Jesus (PBUH) and his arrival to earth in the near future. http://islamicsocialsystems.blogspot.com/

  6. Religion and history is and was in the hands of those creating what they wanted. Power from Truth. They took Truth and created imaginary gods to hid Truth from you, to control Truth and force you into ignorance and slavery. These were the truest words very spoken by Jesus. Does this sound like he was promoting himself and a new religion? The Catholics are murderous suprmist war mongers and hate Truth because it is a danger to them...it will expose them for what they truly are.

    “Jesus said, "If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."